About the Teaching & Learning Institute

Strategic Plans


  • Produce informational broadcasts on radio stations designed to increase awareness of the need for family values based on a traditional Judeo-Christian belief system in our public school systems.
  • Make opinion pieces related to current educational issues available to newspapers on a periodic basis.
  • Develop a network of people who will write Letters to the Editor page of their local newspaper. One of the purposes of these letters would be to encourage other citizens to support school districts, board members and administrators who initiative activities that promote traditional family values.
  • Offer a variety of presentations to community groups interested in learning more about supporting traditional family values in our public schools.
  • Inform people of the responsibilities and obligations of their local school board as they relate to policy development, budget and Board and Administrative leadership matters.
  • Offer training sessions to individuals who may be considering running for their local Board of Education.
  • Encourage political leaders at the federal, state and local levels to support legislation that encourages family values based on a traditional Judeo-Christian belief system.
  • Monitor proposed legislation in the New York State Legislature dealing with character education, moral issues, religion and ethics as it relates to PreK-12 education in the State and offer advice and counsel on these matters.

The Purpose of TLI


  1. To increase the awareness of what is happening with local Boards of Education and learn their areas of responsibility. 
  2. To increase the number of quality candidates that choose to run for a seat on their local school board.